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Bravo Brechin

About Us

The purpose of the group is to establish Brechin as a visitor and tourist destination in Scotland, the UK and abroad.

Our role and aim within the local community is to encourage businesses, retailers, voluntary sector and individuals to work together to develop, organise and promote events and activities for the benefit of the local community and the wider area.

Our 4 main events within the town are;

Easter in the City

Pageant in the City (the first Saturday in June)

Hallowe’en in the City

Christmas in the City

These events are organised by committees of volunteers to make the most of our City.

10 Reasons to join a Community Group like BRAVO Brechin

  1. IT’S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH Studies show that having a good social network extends your life, keeps you healthy, and staves off mental deterioration.
  2. YOU MEET NEW FRIENDS Get to know new people and work with them on things you all care about. How many people have met their future partners at an event.
  3. YOU MAKE NEW CONTACTS Keeping your network in good repair helps you to see opportunities when they come up and gives you people to call when you need help.
  4. YOU LEARN NEW SKILLS You can learn workplace skills from being a volunteer. You can learn governance skills – committee management, business planning – from joining a committee.
  5. IT’S GOOD FOR THE COMMUNITY The more people work together and get to be familiar with the way things work around the area, the more people support each other through the tough times.
  6. YOU CAN FOLLOW YOUR INTERESTS Whatever you like to do, there are other people out there who like it too. Join a group and you can share your passion.
  7. YOU CAN BUILD UP YOUR CV If you’re applying for a tertiary place, or a new job, or a new relationship, it helps to be able to point to the unselfish efforts you’re putting in for the community.
  8. YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO WIN YOUR BATTLES Experience in operating as part of a community group gives you the tools you need to get your voice heard in the centres of power.
  9. YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE We all want to make Brechin and Angus to be a better place, and it doesn’t need to be a huge commitment on your part – every hour of help or support counts!
  10. IT’S GOOD FOR THE COUNTY Angus needs a strong civil society, for local and central government can’t run everything and people need to manage their own organisations for community goals.

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