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The purpose of Angus Young Carers is to support young people, ages 8-18, who have a moderate to significant level of caring and where those duties impact on their wellbeing. They can be caring for a family member or friend with a physical or mental health condition, long term disability or learning difficulty, or alcohol and substance misuse.

The goals for young carers using this service:
> Young Carers are identified
> Young Carers are supported and empowered to manage their caring role
> Young Carers are enabled to have a life outside of caring
> Young Carers are recognised and valued as equal partners in care
> Young Carers are fully engaged in the planning and shaping of services
> Young Carers are free from disadvantage or discrimination related to their caring role

Assessment process
The Young Carers Workers will speak with the young person and if required their parent/guardian to find out more about their caring role.
Workers have assessment tools that were specially designed for young carers. If the young person is identified as a young carer who meets the eligibility criteria of Angus Young Carers, the worker will find out what the young carer would like from the service.

Support offered
The service is young person-centred and will be led by what the young person says they need and would like. If the main concern is about family relationships or behavioural issues, a referral to another service may be more appropriate. The Young Carers Support Workers can help young people talk to their parent/guardian(s) and address worries, but we do not offer family work.

Options may include:
> 1:1 support for a set number of sessions to work on a specific issue(s) for example, how to handle stress or understand a particular illness/disability this can take place in school, over the telephone, video calling, walk and talks
> Group work with other young carers, for example, building self-esteem and confidence this can be provided through video calling, 1:1 and groups setting (dependant on Scottish Government Guidance in relation to COVID-19)
> Activity groups, fun time to relax with other young carers, learn new skills or take trips together (dependant on Scottish Government Guidance in relation to COVID-19)
> Information on Young Carers Rights for example Young Carer Statements and Young Carer Grants
> Consultation with Young Carers to develop and improve how we support young carer

The initial period of service will be for six months after which a review will be completed with the young person and their support worker. This can include: Re-evaluation of caring duties and how it impacts the young carer Look at the services that were taken up by the young carer and see if and how it has helped the young carer, Decide with the young carer what needs to happen next for example, identify new issues to discuss in 1:1 or continue with the respite groups or become involved with special project, leaving the service as other supports and activities are enough for the young carer.
Follow up reviews will usually be scheduled every six to 12 months depending on individual circumstances.

Making a referral
More information and referrals please contact Angus Carers Centre on 01241 439157 or email –  Referrals can be made on our website


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