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We are a small, registered Charity, SCO34175. Our Objectives are to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for families including those youngsters who have a disability, special need or culture needs. We provide a meeting place, usually once a month, so people can get together for the purpose of mutual support and encouragement in their fostering tasks and to organising activities and social events. We offer all youngsters new opportunities and good experience through our activities and day trips. We do this through fundraising and the children help to do this. We try to give the most Vulnerable Children in our area New, Good Experiences. The children we support have experienced many different disadvantages, Neglect which has resulted in the children not growing or reaching their milestones as their peers have. Lack of opportunities including hobbies and school trips due to birth parents poverty resulting in poor self-esteem and feelings of exclusion, Lack of social skills resulting in poor ability to mix with social groups, mix in general public and have appropriate behaviours. Lack of encouragement and praise which would limit their ability to try new activities.

Through trying new experiences and activities the children will learn new physical and social skills. They will gain the development of motor skills and stimulation of mental ability. This is to be done in a controlled environment that they feel safe in, enhancing their self-esteem and their will to go on and try more new experiences. In addition to this it will stimulate their imagination and creative ability as they will experience, hear, see and feel things they haven’t before. The children bond with their carers during our activities, also allowing them to socialise with other children in the same situation.


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