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We are a project that aims, within a group setting to supports mum’s in the Angus area to improve their parenting skills, minimize their social isolation and equip them to manage their day to day lives. The group is run by five members of staff and 10 volunteers. Each group session commences with a social gathering and time to settle the children within the creche. The next part allows time for mums to build skills, for example budgeting, knitting and sewing, parenting and cooking. Whilst some of these activities are structured, the flow of the group discussions arises from the particular needs of those within the group that day. It draws on the experiences of those leading the group and peer support from other mums. This allows mums to ask questions that in other settings, they may not feel supported to ask. Our aim in Mum and Me is to lessen social isolation and equip mums to build appropriate peer relationships, teaching new skills and instilling a sense of worth within them as mums and women alike.

Whilst the group work sessions are taking place, the children are building their own skills of socialising, problem solving and sharing within our creche facilities. Through play, the children can also develop their fine motor skills, gross motor skills and speech. Mums and children then come together for story time, song time and messy play. Morning sessions end with lunch, but afternoon sessions begin with lunch so there are 20 mums and children eating together. The afternoon session then follows the same pattern.


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