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Relationships Scotland FM Tayside and Fife

Primarily offering appointments in Arbroath, Montrose and Forfar but cover the whole of Angus and Dundee, too.


  • Family Mediation

Many families experience challenging times. Conflict is a part of life and it can arise for a number of reasons. Mediation can be helpful in any family situation where there is a problem or conflict that family members aren’t able to resolve, especially if those involved are struggling to talk to each other and can’t seem to find a good way forward. Specifically, if you are separating, getting a divorce, or dissolving a civil partnership or if you have been bringing up your children with an ex-partner you may be finding it difficult to manage all the practical arrangements around the care of the children. This can be very difficult if you are feeling hurt, confused or angry.  Family mediators can help here as they are specially trained to support separated parents or any family members deal constructively with things such as:

  • improving clear communication between parties
  • reducing/resolving conflict
  • wider family issues causing a fall-out
  • contact arrangements for the children
  • financial and property matters in relation to separation or divorce
  • Child Contact Centres (operating in Arbroath)

As long as it is safe, children benefit from having as many loving and supportive family relationships as possible and especially their parents.  Some parents can find it very difficult to agree how their children should share their time between them, for a variety of reasons. Parents can have real difficulty trusting each other, communicating and agreeing arrangements and conflict can be high. In some cases there may be risks concerning the welfare of the children.

Child Contact Centres are similar to a nursery/after school care setting in that they are safe, child friendly, staffed and neutral places. There are certain rules that apply which all focus on the children who use the centres, and are for their benefit. The difference is that child contact centres are places where children can spend time with a parent or any other family member (for example siblings or grandparents) where otherwise this would not be possible.

  • Counselling and Therapies (in Dundee)

Counselling helps children and young people talk about their thoughts and feelings about changes they may be experiencing in their life due to parental separation, divorce, moving into/living in a blended family or any other family relationship issues. We offer confidential appointments to 8 to 18 year olds whose parents do not, or no longer live together or where the child lives in a blended family. Our focus is on the family transition or parental relationship difficulties impacting on the child or young person.

Relationship Counselling is available to adults (couples or individuals) who experience relationship problems and would like to understand themselves better or work alongside their partner to jointly explore any difficulties they may be experiencing.

Having an active healthy sex life is important in most intimate relationships. Sexual Relationship Therapy offers help with sexual difficulties in our relationships. It is offered to individuals as well as couples, in opposite or same sex relationships who have concerns about or are experiencing a sexual difficulty.

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