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Move More ANGUSalive

ANGUSalive is working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support to develop Move More across Angus. Move More Scotland is part of Macmillan Cancer Support’s national campaign to support people living with and beyond cancer to find an activity that is right for them, with individually tailored health behaviour change support for people to continue to be active.

Leading a physically active lifestyle during and after cancer is linked to improvements in many of the adverse effects of cancer and its treatments. An active lifestyle can help overcome fatigue, anxiety and depression, while protecting the heart, lungs and bones.

Anyone in Angus who has had a cancer diagnosis is eligible for support to be physically active through Move More ANGUSalive.

How can I get support from Move More?

The medical team supporting you may have discussed Move More with you, and can complete a referral form for you. You can also access Move More services by contacting us directly:; tel: 01307 492059.

Please see our website for more information about physical activity opportunities currently available:

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