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South Angus Parents of Adults with Learning Disabilities (SAPALD)

Do you have an adult with learning disabilities in your family?
If so, join SAPALD, the local charity dedicated to making life better for adults and their family carers.

  • Working to provide permanent residential accommodation in our area
  • Working to provide suitable residential respite accommodation for adults and their family carers
  • Fundraising to provide twice-yearly outings for adults and carers to places of interest to them
  • Establishing small community groups of adults to provide activities and entertainment for them
  • We provide support, help and advice for people struggling with bureaucracy.

The Trustees meet every 2 months normally, and we have an open meeting for all members twice a year, in January and July, where we exchange information. These are attended by our local Angus Council Councillors who support us.

If you are interested in joining us, either as a family member or as an associate, please contact us

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