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Showcase The Street

Level Up with Showcase Tech Hub 

The project will be based at Showcase the Street Tech Hub in Dundee and Dundee and Angus Gardyne Campus, with hubs created for meeting young people across Angus. 

The first of our 12 week courses aimed at young people aged 16-19years old in Angus is starting in July. Our delivery will cover 3 main strands – General Wellbeing and Barrier removal, Cyber and Gaming upskilling and accreditation, and Employability training. 

General Wellbeing and Barrier Removal – Within these sessions we will focus on identifying any current barriers and setting in place an achievable action plan. We will signpost where necessary to ensure participants are gaining suitable support. We will carry out general wellbeing workshops to ensure all participants have the tools in place to begin building healthy and sustainable lifestyles. 

Cyber and Gaming upskilling – We will work with young people to offer sessions covering all aspects of games design and development with sessions ran by Abertay Games Design representatives. 

Dundee and Angus college will complete the Award in Cyber Security Fundamentals at SCQF level 4 with all participants. This is designed to be an introduction to the field of cyber security. It covers a wide range of topics from ‘cyberhygiene’ (personal data security) to ‘cyberwarfare’ (cyberattacks between nations). It also covers ‘cyber-resilience’ in the workplace (how to protect businesses from cyberthreats).

Employability Training – Sessions to cover CV Creation, Career Guidance, Interview Skills and Employer expectations with real local employers within the technology industry. 

Delivery will follow a progressive manner:

Week 1&2 – few hours a week

Week 3-9 – 2 days a week

Weeks 10-12 – 3 days a week

Next course:

Starts – Monday 24th July – For 12 weeks


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